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We Believe

We are passionate about football because it is an exciting and unpredictable sport.

We are also passionate about the fact that innovation, long-term thinking and a more strategic approach has a place in the game, especially for clubs and organisations that want to get ahead.

In particular we believe:

icon-acessibleData collection and detailed analysis can improve players, teams and clubs

icon-acessibleEffective communication, efficient day-to-day operations and professional process management is fundamental to the long-term success of any football organisation

icon-acessibleTechnology has a role in football as long as it accessible, easy-to-use and supports the specific type of work football professionals do

icon-acessibleTechnology in football should be available to organisations at all levels of the football ladder


What We Look For?

Companies and projects that form the Football Innovation Group share a common trait; within their specific area of expertise they are focused on delivering either a method, a process or a piece of technology that is innovative and that matches the values of our organisation.


We Are

Hubert Bienias is an award-winning internet entrepreneur who has been growing businesses since the age of 23. A student of the game since his earliest days Hubert is passionate when it comes to creating solutions to help the dedicated and hardworking football professional.

Hubert is supported by business, technology and top-tier football professionals in working to bring clubs and coaches the very best in football innovation.

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